GlobalReach Technology

About Us

Founded in the UK in 2012, GlobalReach Technology is the brand behind the award-winning Odyssys® cloud software platform, the result of 15 years development, a combination of three different software platforms and hard-won experience. With no near competitors, Odyssys® is built to deliver billions of authentications and concurrent users. It’s behind the world’s most complex Wi-Fi services where reliability is key.

GlobalReach Technology understands that better wireless connections build better, stronger organisations. Leading service providers and their business customers use our high-performance software and services.

GlobalReach Technology was first to deliver an advanced robust public Wi-Fi for the London Underground; first to deliver large-scale municipal Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 deployment connecting San Francisco and San Jose Public Wi-Fi, and the first and only online signup server for all major operating systems & Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 devices.

The company has been awarded by technology publications and wireless industry organisations for its work, and has grown into an international business with offices in four countries.

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