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Radio spectrum belongs to humanity. Not to companies.

How important is Wi-Fi these days? Well, try taking away someone’s Wi-Fi for just a few hours, and you’ll find out. But here’s the difference between Wi-Fi and nearly everything else wireless: It belongs to all of us. That’s because the radio spectrum used for Wi-Fi is free for anyone to use. Now – regardless of what […]

President Obama went to Cuba – and brought along Google Wi-Fi

Only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba is possibly the most Internet-starved country in the world. But after 50 years of isolation, the future looks a lot more connected for millions of Cubans. This week President Obama announced “that Google has a deal to start setting up more Wi-Fi and broadband access on the island.” The […]

NOKIA braces for Carrier Wi-Fi market entry

Can Nokia take market share away from entrenched carrier Wi-Fi vendors such as Cisco and Ruckus? That’s the big question after Nokia released it’s first ever full line of carrier Wi-Fi solutions at this years’ Mobile World Congress. This is not the first time Nokia’s infrastructure division is trying it’s hand at carrier Wi-Fi. The company […]

Is Wi-Fi offload making a comeback?

Is the case for Wi-Fi ‘offload’ (a better name is probably mobile/Wi-Fi convergence) making a comeback? Thus far, mobile carriers have been ‘offloading’ to Wi-Fi networks mostly at big airports and stadiums, but this week the case for offload may have strengthened with another big name carrier getting involved. Vodafone Germany announced yesterday that they’re testing a new app […]

Wi-Fi NOW @ Mobile World Congress: Meet Speedify

Speedify is a great new app that combines the data streams of Wi-Fi and 4G – and it’s all seamless. Here’s my interview with CEO of Speedify, Alex Gizis. Also: You get to meet Alex at Wi-Fi NOW the conference in Washington, D.C. – go to this link now to register!