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Wi-Fi NOW TV airs every Thursday at 20.00 hours CET on RCR Wireless News

How to crack the high density challenge - with Benoit Fleury - Wi-Fi Now TV ep 72

A blueprint for public Wi-Fi networks - with David Witkowski - Wi-Fi NOW ep 71

Wi-Fi & mobile services are converging - with Connectify - Wi-Fi NOW ep 70

Profitable Wi-Fi for every public venue - with Zenreach - Wi-Fi NOW ep 69

Africa’s first open-access Wi-Fi network - with VAST - Wi-Fi NOW Ep 68

Guest Wi-Fi drives more visits, more loyalty, more business - with Turnstyle - Wi Fi NOW Ep 67

A single platform for gapless mobile/Wi-Fi services - with Carnegie Technologies - Wi-Fi NOW ep 66

Product launch! The world’s smartest mobile router & sensor hub is here - it’s called Linxs

A new approach to sensing & troubleshooting Wi-Fi - with Cape Networks - Wi-Fi NOW ep 64

Millions of APs: Carrier Wi-Fi deployments in Asia’s biggest markets with ZCom - Wi-Fi NOW ep 63

100,000 networks can’t be wrong - designing for carrier-grade Wi-Fi with iBwave - Wi-Fi NOW ep 62

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi for 83,000 networks & counting - with Open Mesh - Wi-Fi NOW episode 61

How much more Wi-Fi spectrum will the world need? - Wi-Fi NOW ep 60

Cognitive Wi-Fi and disrupting the AP market with Open Source - with Mojo Networks - Wi FiNOW ep 59

Innovations in Wi-Fi planning & deployment - with Signal Forest - Wi-Fi NOW ep 58