Q&A Panel: The LTE-U vs. Wi-Fi & 5G core networks debate

For the first time in recent history, the Wi-Fi standard has a real competitor in the unlicensed bands: It’s called LTE-U or LAA or – according to Qualcomm – MuLTEfire. It’s all about using LTE wireless technology in the unlicensed bands that are today mostly occupied by Wi-Fi (5 GHz). LTE-U/LAA is championed by many of the big cellular vendors, including Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, and others. But is carrier use of unlicensed bands fair? Will LTE-U/LAA degrade Wi-Fi services? Is there even a business case for LTE-U/LAA? What will be the role of 5G in all of this?

Also don’t miss this: Thierry Van de Velde will tell us about his a vision for a a 5G-ready mobile core (Next Generation Mobile Core) that will also support license-free, native Layer 2 services for SIM-less devices. Read more about Thierry’s vision here.

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