How to succeed in [the Wi-Fi] business: Get EXCITED!

How many people out there are genuinely excited about what they do and whom they work for? Not many. I would think a few percent. But here’s the thing: Excitement works. Not just because it’s more fun. It creates value. It’s also scarce. It makes you and your company stand out.

This is not a new thing but here’s what all the big coaching gurus say about the road to success: Pick a goal that you really, really want to achieve, commit all your energy and the full force of your will to it, and get emotionally involved. I can say from personal experience: It works. And it’s fun.

Since I’m in the Wi-Fi business – here’s a couple of companies that I like because they’re like tribes (if you haven’t read Seth Godin’s book of the same name do it now!) – people want to work for them because it’s exciting & meaningful (in no particular order):

Ruckus Wireless – this is the only big Wi-Fi vendor that I know who actually has a following. A lot of the Ruckus’ folks that I’ve met exude confidence. They know they’re on a winning team and they’re doing things right.

Veniam – this startup has real charisma and an excellent idea to boot. TED-talks quality CEO and riding on the IoT wave helps a lot, of course. But it’s real enough and the energy is contagious.

Boingo Wireless – these guys have been the extreme underdogs of the wireless service provider market for a long time, but they don’t give up and they’re on a roll. Commitment to the Wi-Fi cause works.

Google – yes, of course. The new restructuring is a stroke of genius by Google to keep the company fresh, innovative, disruptive, building things that matter to billions of people. Who wouldn’t want to work for them? 🙂

T-Mobile USA – John Legere is the only rockstar CEO in the history of mobile. He’s wildly politically incorrect and totally unpredictable. Who wouldn’t want to hang with John? I would. Can’t wait to see what he’s up to next.

So for the ones I left out, I’m sorry – this is what I had in my head today. And if you want to hang with the right Wi-Fi crowd don’t forget to COME TO AMSTERDAM THIS FALL for Wi-Fi NOW! Check out our program here.We’ll get you excited about the road ahead.