How to get venue Wi-Fi right? Get the answers @Wi-Fi NOW


How to get venue Wi-Fi right – business small and large, retailers, transport hubs, hospitality, you name it – is a big and widely untapped opportunity right now. Millions of businesses know they want & need Wi-Fi at their venue, but most of them just throw it out there. That’s understandable, since wireless is not their biz.

And it is incredibly easy just to plug in the router. In fact, it’s Wi-Fi’s curse and blessing rolled up into one: So easy to install & get to work at the basic level. So easy to miss a great chance to add value.

So how do you get venue Wi-Fi right? There’s probably not one size to fit all, but here are some important points:

Self-manage your service in the Cloud: Yep, you can manage your captive portal, logon, & engagement yourself fairly simply (as a CMS-type application) in the Cloud. That means that venues can set up their own fairly sophisticated in-venue Wi-Fi and get a real handle on their visitors. At Wi-Fi NOW you’ll get a chance to meet the tech leaders including Purple Wi-FiCloud4WiUcopiaLoop21Cucumber TonyZapfi, Eurona, and many others.

Big venues & retail chains: Service providers are already eying this opportunity and they’re right: Even big retail chains or hospitality venues don’t always have the right resources to create a compelling Wi-Fi user experience let alone manage it. Some carriers are starting to tap into this market. And it’s a good one – if you can get the right specialised knowledge on board.

Ask for personal info but don’t be creepy: That’s one of the most difficult balances to strike in the ‘Not free but included’ business model. When you give Wi-Fi access away for free, most folks will accept that they need to give up something, like name, email, phone number, or perhaps a (small!) piece of their social media information. Ask for it, but also trade it for something that people value – perhaps a freebie or a discount voucher, etc.

Performance & security matters: This is the second curse & blessing of Wi-Fi generally. It can be absolutely awful or blazingly fast. It can also be a blue ocean for cybercrime and nearly impossible to hack. It also matters if you do your Wi-Fi planning right, even if it’s just dead simple things like picking 5 GHz and changing the router admin password. If you’re a pro you may want to go for a service provider that can deliver an uncrashable Wi-Fi Ferrari 🙂

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