City Wi-Fi at and BELOW street level with Ziggo & Virgin Media

How do you serve consumers with Wi-Fi at street level? Equipping streetlights with Wi-Fi is one way, but here’s something new: Virgin Media of the UK is now testing Wi-Fi ‘under your feet’ with Wi-Fi access points installed into sub-pavement cabinets in the English town of Chesham.

According to media reports, this free Wi-Fi service will deliver up to 166 Mbps, enough to download a 634 MB video in just 35 seconds. That’s seven times faster than the average mobile broadband speed in the U.K. Virgin Media says the service can be accessed via the Wi-Fi settings on your device or with the Virgin Media ‘Wi-Fi Buddy’ app.


Above: Virgin Media’s subterranean Wi-Fi below the streets of Chesham, U.K. Photo courtesy of PocketLint. Read the full story on Virgin Media’s City Wi-Fi here.

Virgin Media is not the only Liberty Global-owned carrier with big City Wi-Fi plans. The Netherland’s Ziggo is serving up Wi-Fi at and below street level, with 2,200 AP-equipped street cabinets in cities like Utrecht and Amsterdam. That has all the trappings of a massive Dutch city Wi-Fi initiative.

Ziggo owns some 200,000 street cabinets across the country, which means Dutch consumers could see practically every city street serving up Wi-Fi. For the technical solution Ziggo is working with Ruckus Wireless and Alcadis.

IMG_2287 (1)

Above: Ziggo’s city Wi-Fi street cabinets are marked in Ziggo orange. The Wi-Fi logo alerts consumers the the presence of street Wi-Fi in the area. 

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