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Qualcomm: How us Wi-Fi folks could start to love them again…

If you’re serious about public Wi-Fi, I’m guessing that you’re probably not happy about the mobile industry’s attack on unlicensed bands (read about it here) with LTE-U. But here’s the thing: Qualcomm is also (gently!) pushing something that could make us love them again. It’s called LWA (LTE Wi-Fi Link Aggregation). This AWFUL acronym (and please can we […]

The urgent need for improved Wi-Fi security

By Jason Steer, Menlo Security For all of us, the media is full of hacking stories every single day detailing which organisation was attacked, what data has been stolen, how much money was stolen, and many other variations along this theme. The awareness and concern of Cyber security has never been more prominent in both […]

Wi-Fi based Location Privacy as a Commercial Asset

By Geoff Revill, Krowdthink The Big Data mentality that pervades almost all Internet deployment technologies, services and apps, tends to think of location data as the diamond in the Big Data treasure chest. It is the most insightful of data. It can be used to indirectly determine interest in things around people, it can discern […]

The Holy Grail of Wi-Fi monetization – here it is

Want to know what would crack the Wi-Fi monetization problem and launch Wi-Fi as the next landslide wireless moneymaker? Hardly a week goes by without someone, somewhere asking me for advice. And – I have to say – compared to 2 years ago, things are looking a lot more promising! The business model is called ‘Not free […]

Here’s what bugs me about ‘5G’

I can’t open a media stream these days without some telco or vendor hyping up 5G. As a veteran of the mobile industry, this bugs me a lot. Here are a few facts about 5G that I think everyone should keep in mind: First of all, 5G does not exist. Not only that, nobody knows what […]

Four great projects: #WiFiThatMatters

At Wi-Fi NOW we want to support Wi-Fi projects that make a difference. Right now, many folks are talking about ‘future’ public-private Wi-Fi partnerships, City Wi-Fi, etc. etc. – well, here are a few that are already here and that matter: Eduroam/Govroam: This Wi-Fi network (run by Surfnet in the Netherlands) has 20 million users in 75 countries! Students […]

Is Instabridge Wi-Fi the Uber of mobile?

Giant industries like taxis and hospitality are already feeling the crunch of the sharing economy – and we’re only scraping he surface of what’s possible when a gazillion web or crowd-sourced services add up spell disruption. So is Instabridge Wi-Fi the Uber of mobile? Sweden-based Instabridge last week secured 3 million EUR in financing and is […]

Long live LWA. Please go away, LTE-U.

I was delighted to have Gerardo Giaretta of Qualcomm on Wi-Fi NOW TV this week – you can catch the full program here and it’s certainly worth your while to do so. Here’s why I’m excited about LTE/Wi-Fi Link Aggregation (LWA): LWA brings Wi-Fi and LTE together at the link layer. It lets Wi-Fi do its thing in the […]

Is Wi-Fi a blue ocean for cybercrime?

Is Wi-Fi a blue ocean for cybercrime? If a 7-year old kid can hack a public Wi-Fi connection, I’d say there’s a problem. It’s that easy. Last year, Wi-Fi security company & Wi-Fi NOW sponsor F-Secure set up a fake Wi-Fi hotspot in London, U.K to test consumers willingness to do anything to get on […]