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Wi-Fi “Made in Germany” with LANCOM

LANCOM Systems – a Wi-Fi NOW event sponsor – is Germany’s second largest vendor of Wi-Fi solutions. The company provides secure, reliable, and future-proof Wi-Fi and networking solutions that are “Made in Germany”. LANCOM, founded in 2002 and based at Würselen near Aachen, is the only German manufacturer of networking solutions for the public and commercial sectors; […]

Meet & learn from the Wi-Fi CARRIERS @ Wi-Fi NOW

 Wi-Fi carriers are growing faster than ever before. I believe it’s a consequence of three simple Wi-Fi facts: Very low infrastructure cost, great performance, and lots of innovation. Here are some of the best in the business from both sides of the Atlantic – and you get to meet them at Wi-Fi NOW in November: […]

Graham Cove: “Wi-Fi will soon be business critical for retailers”

Every public venue – retail, hospitality, transport hubs, etc. – want their guests to be able to connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi. But there’s a lot more to venue Wi-Fi that just that: Right now, new technology & business models are emerging, says Graham Cove, a veteran of the carrier Wi-Fi industry and international venue Wi-Fi […]

Spend time & money on a conference?? Are you c**zy?

I get this comment a lot of the time. True, some conferences offer free attendance (but still require an even more scarce resource: your TIME!) My experience with those is that generally, they’re not worth it. In that sense you always get what you pay for. But more to the point – this is about why I think […]

Ericsson extends Wi-Fi Calling to Wi-Fi only devices

Following Apple’s iOS8 launch late last year, carriers have been off to the races trying to get to market first with Wi-Fi calling. And yes, it does look like Wi-Fi calling ‘the Apple way’ is quickly becoming a best practice. Network vendor Ericsson is now extending the reach of Wi-Fi calling to non-SIM devices such as your laptop […]

Native bridged communication in a cellular access network

–  what is it and why should the Wi-Fi industry care? By Thierry Van de Velde, Consulting Technology Specialist @ Alcatel-Lucent On September 17 there was quite some excitement here at Alcatel-Lucent as we filed for patent for native bridged communication in a cellular access network (EP15306442).  It is now entering an examination phase of course, […]

Age of Wi-Fi: Five things that only Wi-Fi can do

If you were at the CES Las Vegas this month [last year] you will agree that we’re about to be inundated by a device tsunami. Wi-Fi is the only tech out there that can deal with billions of new devices the likes of which we’ve never seen before. But that’s not the only thing that […]

Public Wi-Fi: Un-fragmenting the Smart City movement

The Smart City buzz is reaching a feverish pitch. What politician doesn’t want his city to be smart? The alternative is to be a dumb city, I suppose. And nobody wants to be accused of that – least of all the people in office. Meanwhile, every wireless vendor under the Sun is pitching in with their (mostly […]